General Information

The standard core features of an Air: Ecommerce website give you everything you need to effectively run and grow your online business. If you have any specific requirements, you can contact our friendly team to find out more information.

Air: Ecommerce is powered by the Ascensor Liquid™ CMS giving you full control of all content and features. We will provide your team with training to use the system and are on-hand if you have any questions.

The website is powered by Ascensor Liquid™ CMS and the code is not accessible (unlike open source solutions) – this means you will not experience security issues that require ongoing updates and maintenance.

Ascensor Liquid™ CMS is completely locked down and secure – this means it does not need updates which keeps it stable, and the price competitive. The system allows you to add an unlimited number of products and variations, while being able to fully manage your shop and content in one place.

It is easy to integrate a content feed into software that accepts .csv / .xml data feeds. If you have any specific requirements, you can contact our friendly team to find out more information.

The code is completely secure so there are no ongoing maintenance requirements. The only additional costs are for extra features such as digital marketing, which you may require as your business grows.

All Ascensor websites are built to be search engine friendly and Ascensor Liquid™ CMS gives users the ability to manage the SEO features (meta content) of every page through the admin.

We quote on a feature by feature basis but we are regularly adding modifications to the core system too. We offer upgrade solutions so you can benefit from the latest core technology.

The templates are compatible across every current device, operating system and device combination. We test each website before it goes live to ensure your content is responsive to all screen sizes.

Air: Ecommerce only contains the features you require, offering superior performance against off the shelf ecommerce, but it is easier to manage without constant maintenance updates.

We can deliver your new Ecommerce website within 8-12 weeks if we are sent the content quickly.

We have developed our Air: Ecommerce solution to pass on the savings and a fixed design, however we can build a bespoke website if Air: Ecommerce does not fit your requirements. Contact our friendly team to find out more information.