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Lion Automotive responsive web design

What the project entailed.

2018 has seen the launch of Lion Automotive’s new marketing and sales strategy. In doing so, they approached Air to build a new e-commerce site that offers the support and products that the demanding market requires.

The Lion Automotive e-commerce store was designed with mobile and tablet in mind and performs equally well across a range of web browsers. It allows customers to browse through particular brands of vehicle so users can purchase units particular to their vehicle.

Lion Automotive remanufacture OE Hydraulic and Electric Power steering products. They provide a comprehensive range of power steering products including Hydraulic Power Steering Racks & Pumps, Manual Steering Racks, Electric Power Steering Racks & Columns and much more. They also offer a recondition and return service that can have your unit reconditioned and returned within 24 hours of receiving it.

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