Using email marketing to drive traffic to your Ecommerce site

Email Marketing

The humble marketing email landing directly into a user’s inbox is still an incredibly effective way of driving traffic to your Ecommerce site.
As the world undergoes a digital transformation, there’s necessarily been a huge impact on traditional marketing techniques.

But in the age of social media, email marketing remains a versatile and vibrant way to drive Ecommerce traffic and is, arguably, still the best way to maintain and strengthen existing relationships over time.

It’s a high-performing channel that frequently outperforms other marketing techniques.
As a key part of any strategy, email marketing is a quick and affordable way to build your brand, increase product awareness and put special offers and deals directly in front of a receptive audience.

The reality of web traffic is that most new visitors to your online store won’t return unless you do something to keep them coming back.
Building an email list and sending compelling messages gives you a way to retain the traffic you’ve worked hard to earn by giving your subscribers an incentive to stay in touch.

Types of email marketing

There are three main categories of Ecommerce marketing email: transactional, promotional, and lifecycle.
Firstly, transactional emails are sent during checkout and the wider purchase phase. Order confirmations, receipts and shipping emails are all transactional.

Next, promotional emails are designed to raise customer awareness for a specific deal or promotion. Seasonal savings emails, limited-time discount emails and Black Friday promotions all fall into this category.

Finally, Lifecycle emails are sent based on what action a shopper has taken, and where the client is in the customer lifecycle. For example, a ‘cart abandonment’ email can prompt customers if they leave products in their basket without checking out, and messages can offer discounts to clients on the anniversary of their last purchase.

What are the benefits of email marketing for your Ecommerce site?

Targeted messaging
Email marketing can provide Ecommerce businesses with highly-targeted messaging that achieves great engagement. Data segmentation is key, so that targeted emails can be delivered with personalisation (such as tailored special offers) for extra client impact.
Impressive customer engagement
Email marketing is unique in its ability to drive the first sale as well as unlock more revenue from your most valuable customers.
By contacting subscribers through email, you’re guaranteed to be reaching out to an already-engaged audience. General Data Protection Regulation guidelines require users to opt in to their email communications, which allows for much higher conversion rates as they’re already interested in your business, your brand and your products.
Repeat custom
Email can also play a key role in encouraging customers’ second purchases – and beyond. Generating repeat custom is important for many brands as it keeps the average cost of acquiring a customer down, so sending follow-up emails can be an incredibly effective way of bringing them back to your site.
Automating email delivery based on learned data and visitor actions can yield outstanding results for your Ecommerce business.
From abandoned basket and related item marketing or prospect nurturing following data capture, email marketing automation can reduce administration time and improve effectiveness.
Messages aren’t influenced by third parties
Another aspect of email marketing that continues to grow in importance is that email isn’t subject to the quirks of social media platforms or search engine giants, where regular tweaks to algorithms can scupper your strategy by restricting your reach or audience definition. Reaching your customers on these platforms can often mean paying more, for less, than you would with email marketing.

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