How important are influencers to ecommerce businesses?

Influencer Marketing

If you’re looking to boost your Ecommerce business’s online presence, but finding it difficult to create content that resonates with your customers, influencer marketing could be the solution.
If you want to better connect with your customers, social media influencers can turn scrolls into sales cost-effectively and efficiently.
So let’s take a look at exactly what influencer marketing is – and how your brand and business can benefit.

What is influencer marketing?

The rise of social media in the digital age has redefined what a ‘celebrity’ is, and influencers have taken centre stage across our social feeds.
An influencer is usually a regular person who has an above-average impact and following in their chosen field online.
They will have amassed followers on one or more social media platforms and while some have millions of followers, others have as little as a few thousand.
Using a famous face to promote your business is not a new marketing strategy, of course.
Influencer marketing is effectively the modern version of a celebrity endorsement.
But your Ecommerce brand can use influencers to promote your products to their followers for a fraction of the cost of a ‘traditional’ celebrity.
Many influencers have leverage over their fans’ purchasing decisions because they create trusted, expert content in a specific category and tend to engage closely with their followers.
Their expertise is what communities of followers keep coming back for; and your business can tap into all this interest to reach a targeted audience.

How do influencers benefit your Ecommerce business?

Any influencer who mentions your brand or product across their channels is essentially carrying out a marketing campaign for you – minus the massive costs of a traditional advertising strategy.
Some of the main advantages of influencer marketing include:

Boosting your brand awareness
Having a well-known influencer let their audience know about your business or product will almost certainly increase your brand awareness.
Influencers are able to spark conversations about the brands they represent and partner with, creating a buzz across their social media community.

Building trust with your customers
If you partner with the right person, influencer marketing can significantly increase public trust in your business and your brand.
Good influencers are perceived as honest and authentic, and many people follow a particular influencer because they have the same passions, likes, dislikes and values.
A Twitter study found that people put the same level of trust in influencers as they do their close friends.
With some more traditional marketing approaches it can take years to nurture customer relationships and slowly instil confidence in your brand.
But with influencer marketing you’re able to bypass this process and quickly become a trusted name in the eyes of an audience.
You’re tapping into a well-established community and broadcasting your Ecommerce products to an already receptive audience.
It’s important to remember that your brand values should be shared by the influencer you’re working with.
If it’s not a good fit, your partnership with them might seem inauthentic to customers, which could have an adverse effect on your marketing efforts.

Enabling you to reach niche audience groups
An influencer’s community is built around a shared interest, which can often be quite ‘niche’, meaning it focuses on a specialised segment of a subject or market.
Data shows that influencers with a clearly defined niche can attract higher engagement and interaction from their followers, generating more return on investment than other marketing channels.

Improving SEO
Partnering with influencers can also improve the quality of your site’s link profile, by generating natural backlinks.
Your content will be targeted to a distinct niche through an influencer and is presented to their audience as something of real value, rather than just a direct link.
This is also valuable in the eyes of search engines such as Google, as many influencers have their own sites with high domain authority, and this can result in a boost in your rankings.

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Influencer marketing is one of the most powerful marketing tools for driving social traffic to your Ecommerce site and increasing brand awareness.
The greatest financial rewards come from creating a sustained relationship with a credible influencer, as this increases the authenticity of your partnership and makes your marketing campaigns more effective overall.

If your Ecommerce business is interested in seeing how influencers can help you grow, then get in touch with our experts today!

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