Ecommerce: The Time is Now

Ecommerce: The Time is Now

It may seem an over-used phrase, but it’s more relevant than ever: the time to invest in Ecommerce is now.
Online shopping searches in the UK now account for more than 25% of all retail sales, and daily shopping searches have more than doubled due to the effects that multiple Covid lockdowns have had on everyday life.

This presents a huge opportunity for any business that hasn’t yet established an online retail channel – and it’s never been easier to grow an online business.
Coupled with the pandemic rapidly accelerating matters, Ecommerce has been driving massive changes in retail due to changing demographics, increasing competition and rising customer expectations.

It’s widely accepted that Ecommerce will continue to expand and will ultimately claim the lion’s share of retail industry transactions.
But there’s a lot more to Ecommerce success than just throwing money at the situation.

Despite low entry and running costs, the decision to sell online requires a level of planning equivalent to setting up your business in the first place.

The PAPI Scheme

For the past 12 months Ascensor director Andrew Firth has hosted a regular Ecommerce seminar for delegates taking part in the University of York PAPI (Products and Process Innovation).
The PAPI scheme encourages innovation by awarding grants to small businesses to support the development of new products or services.
Andrew’s seminar is aptly titled ‘The Time Is Now’ and focuses on setting up an Ecommerce operation.
In it, he tells delegates that it’s important to define the business role of your online channel and, crucially, ensure that you have the right operational model in place.

Readiness for Ecommerce

Readiness for Ecommerce should not be confused with investing in a solution that may never get off the ground, which can often happen with ‘out of the box’ technology.
Ecommerce has specific requirements and complexities and wise businesses seek expert resources and support.
This expertise can help to create a fast, secure and positive customer experience which, even if initially modest, is capable of being scaled up later.

An Ecommerce site means that your business is always open for business, 24 hours a day, for customers who are searching for what you sell.
There are low barriers to entry and, if your site and customer service are on point, you can quickly gain traction and carve a niche in your sector.
Start-up costs are lower than you may think, plus government funding is available through the Strategic Growth Fund or your local enterprise partnership.

Now is the time to seize the opportunity.

Grow your business with an Ecommerce site

There’s never been a better time to embrace Ecommerce. Ascensor’s experts know how to design and develop Ecommerce sites that attract more visitors, turn them into loyal customers and maximise your ROI. Start your Ecommerce and marketing journey by getting in touch with us here.

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