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Drive Sales with Facebook Ads | Air Ecommerce
Utilising Facebook to advertise your business can be a key factor when it comes to driving sales on your Ecommerce site.
Our digital agency Leeds provides successful Facebook ad campaigns for a variety of clients, which increase sales. We’re here to tell you how Facebook Ads can increase sales for your business!

How Facebook Ads Can Drive Sales

Social media is one of the biggest channels for business marketing, and it doesn’t look like that’s going to change any time soon.

Facebook’s advertising platform is continuing to evolve and grow and, if you’re not using it, you should probably be asking yourself ‘why am I missing out?’

Facebook ad campaigns turn followers and browsers into customers. They do this by pushing the right customers through to your Ecommerce site, at the right time. Advertising has become so much more focused, specific and versatile and therefore so much more effective than it was previously.

With Facebook Ads you can showcase your products or services to a high volume of both new and returning customers, with highly-targeted campaigns.

This means that you have control over what products and services you offer, which is extremely convenient when it comes to pushing certain sales and collections at the best possible time.

These highly-targeted campaigns mean that you can tailor the products to customers based on what they actually want to see, meaning that you can target in a way that just wasn’t possible before.

Different Ad Types

Within Facebook Advertising there are a variety of different ad types to suit your business’s needs. You can choose from:

Dynamic Ads

These type of ads automatically promote the product that a user is most likely to purchase. This is one of the most effective ways to advertise. Dynamic ads showcase the best possible ad for each individual user, based upon their interests or their activity on your website through the Facebook Pixel.

Boosted Posts

A great way to reach a wider audience without creating a full ad campaign is to utilise boosted posts. Boosted posts simply amplify and expand the reach of an existing post – a quick, simple and effective way to increase awareness of a product, service or announcement.


With Offers, you are able to push products and services and create specific sales that target customers who may be interested. These offers arrive in the form of a notification and are sent to an audience that is likely to be interested, for example if they’ve already liked your page.

Travel Ads

Facebook also offers industry-specific ads which have more focus than a typical dynamic ad. With Travel ads, you can automatically promote the most relevant travel sector products that are most likely to prompt people to book flights, hotels and holidays.

Event Ads

Similar to Travel ads, this type of ad can be used to increase sales for events, including concerts and shows.

How Facebook Ads Work

  1. You pick your product, campaign or offer.
  2. You define your target audience.
  3. You create the ad copy and add the images (or your digital agency will do this for you).
  4. Watch the return on investment!
We deliver a great return on investment with our ads, get in touch with the team to drive sales with the help of our PPC experts. If you’re looking for an affordable Ecommerce site that gets results, choose Air:Ecommerce!

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